Paul Hussey was born at the beginning of the 70s youngest of five he grew up in a strict and chaotic environment. At a very early age he was exposed to sniffing solvents and used music and drugs as a escape and a way of managing his feelings.

His first musical discovery was Elvis and then the Beatles. As he grew up he would often end up in his room alone listening to bands like Madness & The Specials.

Paul left home around his 14 birthday before he left school and never looked back, he lived on the streets and stayed with friends until he got his sown place.

Around the age of 18 he was given a guitar by his girlfriends father and immediately started writing his own songs. He & a childhood friend formed a band the pros and cons. Playing original songs written by them they gained good support amongst the locals of Islington. Unfortunately heroin and crack got in the way & the band split up .

For a long time Paul struggled with drugs and also spend a lengthy time in prison. Whilst in prison he got back into the music and now has quite rich back catalogue amongst his influences are Pink Floyd, Paul Weller, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Starsailor etcetera anything that sounds good and moves him.

Since leaving prison he has had his struggles but continues with his music .

“For me music is the third most powerful thing on this planet after mother nature & the human mind, apart from being in my daughters company when I play live on stage I think that’s where I belong it’s we’re I come alive were I’m most happy…..when you’re on stage making music with other people and you look up and look at the people you’re making music with and you know it’s working & it feels good and then you turn around and you see… a couple of hundred people jumping up and down there is no feeling like it on this earth”